barcelona vs real madrid timeline / FC Barcelona - Real Madrid | La Liga Matchday 7 - FC Barcelona

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Timeline

barcelona vs real madrid timeline

Paruh Waktu Tonton. The Madrid side managed to emphatically beat their fierce rivals in the semi-final second-leg tie of the Copa del Rey. This, combined with the fact that they have completely opposite political views Barcelona represent Catalan nationalism whilst Real Madrid represents Spanish nationalism , has seen the two form this hatred over each other. What has been the highest attendance at a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona? Besok Tonton. Franco, like Miguel Primo de Rivera before him, sought to homogenise the Spanish state and thus attempted to restrict all regional languages and identities in Spain during his lengthy leadership, including Catalonian - hence the resentment. The crazy thing about this El Clasico rivalry is the fact that the two have been battling each other for over years. Real Madrid. It's a rivalry that needs little introduction but, ahead of Thursday's first leg in the Spanish capital, why not familiarise yourself with the history of the derby and the significance of the fixture? Gento spent 18 years at Real between and , making appearances for the club and winning a boatload of honours. Four talking points ahead of the Champions League quarter-finals. Four players have scored multiple hat-tricks in this fixture, including the aforementioned Bernabeu.


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